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her pillow美女被男人桶到嗷嗷叫爽免费视频

Disclaimer: This will hopefully be the first chapter in a long story of a you girls journey through the Kanto region. It's inspired by the games Fire Red/Leaf Green and will no doubt be full of references to them. Being the first chapter it has a somewhat slow start, though it ends with our heroine having her first sexual experience in a rather intense way. No doubt as this story progresses it will lean more toward pokephillia and ever escalating kinks and taboos. So read at your own discretion.N.B. This is also my first attempt at writing erotica of any kind. So any advice or suggestions in the comments would be more than appreciated.Sincerely-Professor Ironbark----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On a cold spring morning, the sun rises over the sleepy little hamlet known as Pallet Town. A quaint collection of houses and stores nestled among the forests and grasslands on the western border of the Kanto region. Overlooking the community on the southern edge of town was Oak's Pokemon Lab. Famed for both the research it did, and the many successful Pokemon Trainers that had begun their journeys with Professor Oak's guidance. The most notable of which had been a young boy named Red who had gone on to become Pokemon League Champion little more than four years ago....“Per?”April rolled over in bed pulling the covers over her head and burrowing further into her pillow, doing her best to ignore the furry intruder. “Persian…” the classy cat pokemon continued it's bothersome assault by leaping up on the bed and nudging April with it large head. “Mmph, go away Sable. The alarm hasn't even gone off yet…” mumbled the lump of blankets as it tried to squirm to the edge of the bed in an attempt to escape its attacker. Sable pounced. April, her pillow, blankets, and the persistent Persian all tumbled to the floor.“Urgh, ok.. I'm up, I'm up" the now awake and somewhat grumpy teen exclaimed as she attempted to untangle herself from her bedding. April stood up, her nightie twisted and bunched, and her raven hair falling over her face in a mess. Through the mop of hair obscuring her vision, April's hazel eyes locked on to the pokemon now sitting neatly and patiently by the door to her bedroom. “What's the matter girl? Mom not feed you this morning?”. The large tan cat just turned to face her nightstand. April followed it's gaze scanning the collection of junk next to her bed when she saw it. The alarm clock. It was 10am!“huh!? I overslept!” April, now panicked, immediately began getting ready for the day. And it was a big day. Today she would begin her journey as a pokemon trainer. Every year Professor Oak chooses three young teens to begin their journey with a special pokemon. And this year, she was one of them. She had been so excited last night that she had stayed up late planning, packing, and goofing off in excitement. She spent time tossing her plush pokeball at the eevee and pikachu dolls that sat on her bookshelf, trying to perfect her throw. She even spent time talking to the posters of Lance and the Cerulean Sisters on her wall, pretending she was challenging them to a battle. April must've fallen asleep well after midnight and had been so busy debating which of the three starters she wanted most, she forgot to set her alarm.She'd gotten ready in what felt like record time under the patient and expectant gaze of Sable, her mom's Persian. One last check in the mirror. Her dark hair had been brushed, and now fell neatly just past her shoulders, and her messy fringe framed her face perfectly. The light freckles across her nose and cheeks stood out against her pale skin in the artificial light of the bedroom. April had bothered to do some light make up as well, she preferred a more modest natural look. Just a touch of mascara to make her golden hazel eyes really pop, and a bit of lip gloss with a soft tinge of pink to it.Getting dressed had taken no time at all, as she'd prepared her outfit the night before. The perfect outfit to compliment her nubile and somewhat waifish body. She had on her most comfortable pair of walking shoes, the once black canvas had faded to more of a charcoal after years of being well used and well loved. Knee high socks, white with a cute pink stripe accenting the top of them. She loved the way her legs looked more athletic under the thin fabric, and the contrast from the stark white socks helped give her near alabaster skin the illusion of a tan. A cute pair ofblue denim shorts with frayed edges sat precariously on her hips, only just covered her underwear. They left very little to the imagination and really drew the eye down toward her smooth thighs. Her once loose grey t-shirt with a pokeball logo on it now hugged tightly against her chest. Just in the last year April's breasts had really begun to fill out. She had to get her mom to take her bra shopping in Viridian city and was surprised to find out she needed a 30C. To be honest, she was a little self conscious of them. She'd noticed the looks she'd been getting from some of the boys around town. Which is why she had put on a black denim midriff jacket. It wasn't really warm enough for it so she rolled up the sleeves to her elbows, but it kind of downplayed just how large and perky her chest had become so she wasn't about to take it off.“Looking good!” April said to her reflection, with a pouting glance and a slightly dorky but flirtatious finger gun. She went to grab her canvas satchel bag from the back of her desk chair and flung open the curtains. The sun was already high in the sky, so she took only the briefest moment to appreciate the all too familiar view from her bedroom window one last time,sliding the window all the way up to feel the late morning breeze on her skin. Down on the road below she noticed her neighbors out the front of their house. It was Daisy Oak, berating her little brother Zane for not being more like Blue. Blue had been able to become the Pokemon Champion, albeit briefly, and Zane was always living in his brother's shadow. Maybe that's why he was such mean guy, mused April. Zane and April were the same age, and he'd bullied her for many years growing up. Maybe because she was a bit clumsy, or maybe because she was timid, but he always managed to find something about her to make fun of. And it had only gotten worse lately. Probably because he was annoyed that April was also getting a partner pokemon from his Grandfather Professor Oak. He always went on about wanting a strong rival to help him become like his brother, but when he found out April would be starting her journey at the same time as him, he really doubled down on his mocking comments and sarcastic attitude.She watched as Zane headed off down the road toward the Pokemon Lab, lost in thought and enjoying the warm sunshine on her face. “Persian, Per.” Sable’s interjection Snapped April out of her trance. “You're right girl, I have to get to the Lab quick or I won't get first pick!” April ruffled the Pokemon between its round black ears and rushed downstairs. April had gone to watch Oak's new trainer ceremony every year since she could remember, always hoping that one day it would be her. So she new the first arrival first choice rule that Professor Oak had. There was no way she would be late when this time it'd finally be her starting her own adventure. As April jumped down the last few stepsand dashed for the front door with Sable hot on her heels she heard her Mom call out from the Kitchen. “Better run sweetheart! I'll see you after the ceremony… Oh, and say Hi to Sam for me!” She left Sable in the front yard and headed down the street.Yeah right, thought April. Like I'd ever call the Professor by his first name. It still weirded her out when her mom did that. But to be fair they had been dating for almost a year now, and April had come to see him as a father figure of sorts. But he was, and will always be, Professor Oak. Not, she grimaced with discomfort at the thought… Sam. April was so lost in thought as she rounded the corner of the road that led up to the Pokemon Lab, that she slammed right into the back of somebody and fell to the ground. “Hey watch it you damn klutz!” chided Zane as he turned back to see April's crumpled figure on the cobbled road. “Jeez you look pathetic on the ground there. You know that, right?” his smug grin looming down on her from above his popped collar. April just froze, blushing and awkward. “Look, we both know that you belong down there in the dirt. But aren't you gonna get up? We gotta get to Grandpa's Lab.” Zane mocked as he began heading up the hill. “Ah, yeah… of course. Sorry.” Muttered April as she picked herself up and quickened her pace to catch up to the single worst person she could've literally bumped into. She noticed that Zane didn’t seem to be in a hurry. “Um, why are you walking so slow? Don't you want first pick?” April asked. “I could get there an hour late and Gramps would still give me first choice of Pokemon coz we're family" Zane retorted. “Oh, I guess he would.” April conceded. She hadn't even thought of that. And now she felt twice as embarrassed about charging headfirst into her new rival when there was no real point in rushing to begin with. So April just stayed quiet as she kept pace with Zane on the road to Oak's Lab.As the Lab came into view in front of them April noticed a decent sized crowd had already gathered at the gates. Maybe a third of Pallet town had come out to see them off. The crowd noticed the two soon-to-be pokemon trainers approaching and began to part to let them through. Through the sea of people April noticed a young boy in a cap about her age already standing on the front steps tapping his foot impatiently. She didn't recognize him. Must be from Viridian or someplace else, she thought. Her eyes scanned the crowd and noticed a young girl staring up at her with starry eyes. Her mind immediately filled with all the times she had been that girl, staring at the trainers with equal parts admiration and envy. She steeled her nerves, an took her place standing next to Zane and the other boy as the doors to the lab swung open in front of them. This was it.“Hello there! Glad to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokemon! My name is Oak. People affectionately refer to me as the Pokemon Professor. This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokemon. For some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for battling. As for myself…” Professor Oak continued his speech to the 3 new trainers and the crowd watching behind them. All the while April couldn't help but mouth the words along with him having heard the same speech every year, her excitement building. When Oak had concluded his inspirational monologue the crowd applauded and the three young teens stepped into the lab. One of the Professor's aides closed the door behind them and Oak led them to through to a room containing 3 pokeballs each on it's own pedestal. “I'm sure you all know how this works.” The Professor began. “In each of these pokeballs is a rare pokemon bred especially for young trainers such as yourselves. The tiny grass type pokemon, Bulbasaur. The cute but powerful water type pokemon, Squirtle. And the unruly but formidable fire pokemon, Charmander.”April, was basically bursting with excitement, last night she was torn between all three. But had finally decided on Squirtle. She always wanted to be a sexy and devastatingly awesome trainer like the Cerulean Sisters. Plus Squirtle was super cute! But knowing she was the last one here she was sure she would be happy with whichever one was left. First the quiet boy approached the pedestals. “I choose squirtle" a surprisingly authorative voice declared from beneath his firmly lowered cap. Damn, well… that's ok April thought. Who was a better fit for her? Charmander or Bulbasaur. Suddenly her train of thought was derailed by Zane going off. “Hey! Gramps! No fair! What about me?” Zane blurted out at Professor Oak. “Be patient, Zane. You can have one too. But for that outburst I think perhaps April can choose next.” Chastised Oak with just hint of derision in his tone. Zane turned to April and gave her a murderous look that sent a shiver down her spine.April turned back to the Professor. “Are you sure?” she asked hesitantly. “Of course kiddo, we're both gentleman here. Aren't we Zane?” Beamed the Professor. His grandson however said nothing and just stared at his shoes. April suspected getting to choose before her rival had less to do with him acting out than it did the fact the Professor was boning her mom. But she didn't mind if that was the case.“Ok then, I choose Bulbasaur!” April announced with glee. Bulbasaur was definitely cuter than Charmander, and having a grass type would be good for when she decided to take on the Cerulean Sisters. The thought of beating her idols in a gym battle had her smiling like an idiot as she took the pokeball from its pedestal. “I'll take this one then!” Said Zane in a suprisingly upbeat tone considering how much he was sulking not a moment ago.The three brand new pokemon trainers released their new companions from their pokeballs. With a flash of red light, there in front of April sat the seed pokemon, Bulbasaur. It stared up at her from beneath the bulb on it's back locking it's wide red eyes on hers. “Hey there Bulbasaur, I'm your new friend April. We're going to go on an adventure together. Does that sound good to you?” she said as she knelt down and reached out her hand to greet her new partner. “Bulba?” the young pokemon lent forward and nudged her hand before giving it a lick. “I think he likes you.” Oak said, smiling down at the pair. “You know, some trainers like to give their pokemon nicknames. It helps strengthen the bond between trainer and pokemon.” “How about it Bulbasaur,夜夜爽妓女8888视频免费观看 you want me to give you a nickname?” asked April. Bulbasaur nodded intently. “hmmmm, ok. How about… Sora?” “Saur!” chimed Bulbasaur as it leaped into April's lap. “Ok, Sora. I'll try to be the best trainer I can for you.” April giggled playfully as her new pokemon twisted in circles nuzzling under her jacket.April lifted her partner pokemon up and turned to leave the lab. She had to show her mom her new pokemon right away, and introduce him to Sable. Just as she began to head passed the many bookshelves lining the lab she heard a shout from behind her. “Wait, April! Let's check out our pokemon. My Charmander could definitely use some battle experience. And you and your little toad will be easy pickings for our first fight.” Zane yelled across the lab. “Oh, for Pete's sake… so pushy as always. If you two want to have a pokemon battle at least go out into the gardens. I don't want you messing up my lab equipment.” Chided Oak as he slid open the backdoor and ushered the two young teens and their pokemon outside. April had never actually been out the back of Oak’s lab before. ‘Garden’ was a mild way to put it. It was like a pokemon paradise. There was a waterfall and pond with a whole family of Polywag and Polywhirl playing around. A Ryhorn snoozing under the shade of an equally slumberous Exeggutor. And a whole herd of Taurus out grazing in the field. April was so completely lost in awe that she hadn't noticed Zane heading off into the forest. “Hey! Are you actually stupid or just slow? Come on, let's find a good spot to battle, so me and my Charmander can leave this boring ass town on a win.” The haughty teen called out as he slipped out of sight behind some trees. “Come on Sora, let's show him whose stupid.” Bulbasaur nodded and growled in anticipation of the battle to come as April rushed once again to catch up to her rival.As She pushed through branches and underbrush April stumbled out into a clearing. “Good to see you didn't chicken out, ready to finally see what a loser you actually are" Zane taunted. “We'll see who the loser is... Go Sora!” “Go Charmander!” and with that April's first ever pokemon battle began.April realised immediately that she wasn't at all cut out to beat her rival. He was shouting orders and giving commands that she couldn't even think of. The Charmander was running circles around her Bulbasaur. Laying in scratch after scratch. At one point when she managed to muster up the confidence to call out for a tackle, her opponent just dodged to the side leaving Sora to dive headlong into a tree trunk. “Hah! Your dumb pokemon is as clumsy as you are.” Mocked Zane. “while it's still dazed, finish it off with one last scratch Charmander!” and it did.The battle was over. April hung her head low as she recalled her fainted pokemon. “Yeah! Am I great or what?” cheered Zane to himself. “Now cough up.” “Huh?” April looked up confused. “Money you idiot. If you win a pokemon battle you earn prize money from the loser. So cough up.” Zane explained in a belittling tone. “Oh, umm.” April fumbled around in her satchel. “I don't have any on me.” She sighed as she looked back down at her feet. “Geez, you really are useless…” Zane shook his head and turned to walk off. But then he stopped and turned back around. “There might be another way you can settle your debt.” Zane smirked with a devilish look in his eyes. “You don't want to be a loser who can't even own up to her own defeat do you?” he mocked as he walked toward his sad and sorry looking rival. “Hey, I'm not a loser. You just fought dirty, I’ll settle my debt to you.” April shot back, having had enough of his bad attitude. Not realizing she had taken the bait. “Good girl.” He whispered, now standing right in front of her. That was creepy. He planted a firm hand on her chest and squeezed with enough force to make April jump back. “What? I thought you wanted to settle your debt?” teased Zane as he began pacing around her like a predator circles it’s prey. “And you can pay with your body… I hate to admit it. But you've got a pretty nice set of tits and those shorts are just screaming fuck me.” April felt trapped, and confused. She did lose, so trainer rules meant that she had to pay him. But like this? April was no stranger to sex. She had been curious enough to go on some websites late at night. Not to mention regrettably overhearing her mom and the Professor more than a couple times. But she didn't think her first experience would be like this. And with Zane of all people… Also did he just give her a compliment? “You… um… how do you want me to pay?”April managed to stammer out. “You can start by stripping off” her rival ordered. “Don't worry, there's nobody here but us.” “ok" her voice was quiet with defeat. She didn't want to be in debt to this asshole, so she resolved to do as he asked. She shuffled her shoulders and let her jacket slide down her arms to the ground behind her. “Damn! You really trying to hide those puppies.” April did her best to ignore his comment and slid her T-shirt over her head and let it join her jacket in the grass. Her pale skin was shimmering under the soft light that filtered through the leaves. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves, which only served to make her breasts strain against the lace bra that was already becoming to small for her. “Bra next loser.” April silently obeyed orders as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, letting it fall away. “Mmm fuck. I was right about your rack. Shame it's wasted on a stupid klutz like you" Zane mocked as he reached out to cop a feel. April shivered at his aggressive touch. His warm hands traced across both her breasts, and, as he began to pull his hand away he gave one of them a firm and sudden slap, causing April to cry out, more in shock than pain.Zane laughed “keep going, shorts and panties both at once. You can leave your shoes on if you like.” April obeyed to her own disbelief. Here she was, outside in the woods stripping naked for her childhood bully, while he continued to tease and torment her. And worst of all, she could feel herself getting turned on. Why was she feeling horny? What was wrong with her?April slid her thumbs inside the front of her underwear and ran them along her hips to her side. With one swift push both her shorts and knickers were around her ankles. Now she could feel the breeze on her pussy and her legs were quivering. She wasn't sure if it was the chill wind, the nerves, or her own arousal that made them feel weak. “Old enough for a slutty pair of tits but still not a hair on that cunt of yours, huh loser?” Did he really have to keep up this talk. She could feel how flushed And hot her cheeks were. Yet again, was it embarrassment or arousal. Fuck this is confusing. “I asked you a question slut.” Zane’s tone now more commanding than ever pulled April back out of her own head.Her rival grabbed April by the shoulders and pushed her backwards, her feet got caught in her shorts and she began to fall backwards but Zane caught her and pinned her against a tree. His other hand grabbed her jaw and held her face up so they were eye to eye with their noses were almost touching. “Fuck I love the way you look when you lose. I should've put you in your place years ago.” His hand left her shoulder and began to run slowly along her collarbone, then down between the valley of her perky tits, down along her flat stomach, down to the hot mound between her legs till it found its mark. “Oh?” April knew how wet she was and now Zane did too. She could feel his middle finger slide straight inside her as his palm pushed against her clit. She shuddered, this time she knew it was in pleasure.“Looks like I’m not the only one here who enjoys it when you lose to me.” He hissed as he began to slowly slide his finger in and out of April's guilty pussy. Even if she wouldn't admit how pleasurable submission could be, her body had already done that for her. “On your knees loser" Another command given as he pushed her down. Now naked and kneeling in front of her childhood bully she found her face inches from a surprisingly large bulge. “Take out my cock, slut.” April nervously began to undo Zane’s pants. She had never seen a cock in real life before. But had spent more than few nights pleasuring herself to images of them on the PC in her room. Her hands slid the zipper down. Without even realizing it she had opened her mouth and her tongue seemed beg for a taste of what was to come. Zane however, was paying very close attention to the way this eager little minx was acting. Maybe having a weak rival would prove to be more fun after all. April'sdelicate fingers gripped the waistband of his boxer and pulled down. Her rival’s cock sprung forth, rock hard and eager to be released from the restricting fabric. 7 inches of pubescent manhood literally slapped April across the face. Her response was somewhere between a gasp and a moan. “What do you have to do now loser?” asked Zane teasingly. “I have to suck your cock?” asked April, intentionally affecting a doe-eyed innocence. Zane smirked and swung his thick cock in front of the poor girl like a Hypno, noting that her eyes were transfixed. “I have to suck your cock, what? Bitch.” He asked still watching her eyes follow his dick. “I have to suck your cock till you cum in my mouth?” April asked, legitimately confused by the question. Zane chuckled. “Yes my little pokeslut, but the correct answer was, “I have to suck your cock, ‘Champion’.” “Oh” said April in a dazed tone, still transfixed by the throbbing member mere inches from her hungry mouth. “I guess ‘Sir’ would do too. You just have to remember your place is beneath me.” He continued. “Understand bitch?” the question demanding an answer as he wrapped a hand around his erection and pressed the head of his cock against April's mouth. “Yes Sir" she whimpered. Her lips kissing the tip of his dick on the ‘r' of sir. Realizing how submissive she felt from uttering that phrase, and that her first kiss had been with her rival's penis, April began to give in to her lust. Her tongue began to dance along the underside of his cock head as she subconsciously began grinding her hips.Not missing a beat nor willing to pass up the chance to fuck with this girls mind as well as her body. Zane pulled his cock away from her hungry mouth, provoking an adorable honest look of confusion laced with disappointment from his utterly defeated rival. “Not just yet. I want you to burn this into your memory. This is where you belong right? In the dirt at my feet.” He punctuated the last word with a solid slap across April's face, leaving a glowing red handprint. “So? Where do you belong?” Zane’s question seeking to test the poor girls mentality.“In the dirt naked at your feet, Sir.” April conceded, her eyes watering from the slap and her pussy soaking from the humiliation. Pleased with her response with it's dirty little addition, Zane was ready to claim his prize.“Suck it’s loser”Finally! Thought April. She had never been this horny in her life. Her first real cock. God she wanted to taste it so bad. So without hesitation she opened wide and slid her lips over the head of her childhood bully's dick. And it felt right. The thickness stretching out her jaw. The heat in her mouth. The musky scent of his manhood filling her senses. She sucked eagerly for a while attempting to imitate what the girls did in the videos she used to watch late at night. All the while squirming around from her own arousal while her rival continued to degrade her further.“Come on you dumb slut, suck my cock like your life depended on it. This is all you're good for. You'll never make it as a pokemon trainer, if you can't even lose properly!” Her rival's words getting further into her head than she knew they should. He was right, I at least have to lose properly. April's rebellious flame leading her sex addled brain to less than normal conclusion.Greedily now April began to try to ‘deepthroat’ him. Like she had seen on those adult sites. But there was just too much cock and she was a small girl with an inexperienced throat. She gagged, but Zane grabbed the back of her head and held her down, impaling the poor girl. He laughed as he felt her squirm and try to pull away. But still he held her there. April couldn't breath, she began to panic. She tried to scream but this only gave her rival an opening to force his cock down her throat. Her nose pressed into his pubes. His balls against her chin. April started to go weak, her vision began to fade. Then Zane pulled his cock free from her.Gasping, coughing and spluttering April slumped forward. Grateful for the chance to breath again. “What a good pokeslut. If you lose to me enough times in battle maybe I can train your throat.” April's pussy quivered at that comment, like a thunderbolt of pleasure had been sent through her. Why did she like the sound of that? What was wrong with her?“Back to work loser, you still haven't given me my prize" Zane ordered. “Yes Champion.” April replied, the submission clear in both her voice and glazed expression. She wrapped her lips back around his cock and began blowing him with renewed vigor. Fuck it tasted good to be put in her place. She wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft. The taste of submission. Her other hand slid down between her legs and began rubbing her clit like a girl possessed. The taste of cock. She was so close to having an orgasm, enjoying her new place beneath her rival, her new place on her knees, her new place as a pokeslut….April wasn't sure who came first. All she knew was that as she was coming down from her orgasm she had a mouth full of her rivals cum. “Swallow Loser". She did. Fuck it tasted good. The taste of defeat.…“April? Zane? Are you kids still battling?” Oak's voice called out from the direction of the lab. Zane started doing up his pants as he replied. “Nah Gramps. I mopped the floor with her so bad she ran off crying. I've just been out here celebrating with Charmander.” Zane looked down at April, still naked, lying in a messy heap on the grass, some of his cum still on her chin. He scoffed. Yeah, a weak rival would be fine… “Smell you later!” he mocked quietly as he left April to clean herself up.To be continued


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