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tussled sandy hair少妇高潮太爽了在线观看奂费

A quiet dark had settled over the small town of Beaver Pennsylvania.The bad sections acrossthe way in Rochester were getting worse, and at night?Sarrah chose not to think about it.She was safein Beaver, quaint, quiet Beaver.Up the street she walked, tight leggings hugging her silky legs.She wasn'tdressed provocatively, she had on a big hoodie and leggings, but you'd have to be blind to miss herstunning visage.Dark and late it was as Sarrah carried her garbage to the dumpster.Eerily quiet it was atthis hour, all she saw ahead of her was 6' tall gentlemen walking up the street away from her lost in histhoughts.Paying him no mind she reached the alley where dumpster she used was.It was recessed intothe alley a little tonight, perhaps a new garbage man put it back further.Stepping into the dim alley the darknesstook on a menacing tone.Step, her foot left the light.Step, her whole body seemed hidden in shadows.Step, the hairs on scalp prickled as she neared the dumpster.Had this alley always been so desolate andforebodingshe thought.Sarrah slowed her walk for a moment before chiding herself for being childish.Thiswas Beaver, nothing bad happens in Bea- Rough hand shot like vipers from the shadows beside the dumpster encircling her toned waist.The garbage fell as she began to let out a scream before she was silenced by a grimy hand over her mouthpushing back against the alley wall. "Shhh, shhh.None of that now my sweet" a voice purred at her like rancid oil.Struggling againsther assailant, screaming into his hand as best she could though it was futile.Another man grabbed herwrists and pulled her up tight.No one was around save that one man up the street but he was gone andher scream had surely been cut off to abruptly, Sarrah was at the mercy of these two in the dark alley. "Don't fight us, we'll hurt you we will"growled the second man in a gravelly Marlboro voice. Quiet little Beaver.Steve Rogers walked down the street.A young woman at the other end ofthe block emerged from her apartment with a bag of trash.Cute girl he thought before chastising himselffor admiring her legs.She had on a hoodie, but he could tell she was a stunner.Women didn't dress likethat in the 40's that's for sure.Yet he found her stunning all the same, with her lovely face and long goldenhair."She 's got herself a man for sure" he muttered to himself and trudged up the street.Beaver, what alovely little town.It wasn't Brooklyn but it had a homey feel to it. After years of fighting, this seemed like itcould be a nice place to settle dow- his thoughts were interrupted by quickly muffled scream and the thud ofa garbage bag.It was probably a cat that startled the young women with her trash he thought, but asinking feeling in his stomach told him otherwise.Not one to leave anyone in danger, Steve turned andquickly crept back towards where he heard the sound and assumed the lady had disappeared, an alley upthe block. Hand still over her mouth, the first man ran his hand up her leg searching for a pocket.A spike offear shot through Sarrah as he seemed to be taking too much time, before he moved onto her hoodiepocket and pulled out her phone, keys, and wallet."We'll leave you alone honey, just after we lighten yourload a bit" the oily man said leering over her body as he pocketed her phone and opened her wallet.Hisface to took on a sour grimace as he looked at."Where's the rest" he demanded, his oily fake charmgone.Sarrah tried to mumble that was it through his hand but he was having none of it.The second manholding her wrists produced a knife with his other hand. "Bet a pretty thing like her has more pretty things in her apartment." he growled in gravelly voicethat sent a chill up her spine. "Good thinking, any funny business and my associate might cut that pretty face of yours.Gonnabe quiet?" he asked, his false oily charm back.After nodding fervently he released her.Beaver.Quiet,safe, little Beaver; and here Sarrah was getting mugged and about to have her apartment robbed.Grabbingher arm the taller man with the knife began to pull her out of the alley when stepping into the light from theside was a man. "I think the lady can walk herself."the tall, broad stranger said squaring up in front of the trio. "Are you alright miss?" he asked dismissing the two men from thought.She was gorgeous he thought,gorgeous and scared, and his anger began to rise. "She fin-" the oily man started but was cut off by the handsome stranger in the light."I askedher" he said coldly before his voice took on a more gentle quality "I'm Captain Steve Rogers, are you alrightmiss?"Clearly she was in trouble, cornered in a dark alley by two men, he knew he was right to come.Notwaiting on her answer, the tall man let go of her and rushed this Steve Rogers. "He's got a knife!"Sarrah croaked out as warning.In a flash, Steve grabbed a trash can lid nextto him.Not his usual shield, but it would do to stop a knife.TNNNGMetal rang on metal as Stevestopped the mans knife thrust.Growling, the man side stepped trying to edge around as the oily manpulled a knife of his own and closed in.Not wasting time to think, Sarrah grabbed her fallen trash bag tothrow at the man to stop him.He dodged and shoved her back, hard.Sarrah stumbled and hit her headon the dumpster and flopped down in a slight daze.For the next few moments the fight seemed to happenin slow motion as she regained her senses.Dimly she admired her would be saviors broad chest, andchiseled jaw.I hope they don't mess him up too badly.She knew it was childish, but he really washandsome like; like in a story, a hero saving the damsel in distress. Her head was still ringing but startingto clear.What had she just thought? Seeing her knocked down, Steve's blood reached a boiling point as the second man convergedon him.Whipping his arm around he launched his makeshift shield into the oily man's forehead sending himcrumpling like a house of cards.Turning back he dodged a knife thrust from the taller man...mostly.Ahair thin cut a few inches long appeared on his collar bone as the man kept swinging.Dodging, Steve gotin close and quickly disarmed the man and with a kick sent him bouncing off the alley wall to fall intorumpled mess.Looking over, the young woman had a hand to her head and was staggering to her feet. Sarrah fell at her first attempt to stand but this Steve Rogers fellow quickly caught her.Looking up into hissteely blue eyes, his arms tight around her, she almost missed his question. "Are you alright miss?" he asked again.His body was iron and chiseled, but he emanatedwarm compassion. "Sarrah, my name is Sarrah." she got out "I'm ok, now."Slowly they stood and Steve's arm neverleft her waist.She could probably stand without him now, but his solid comfort was needed at themoment."They took my wallet and phone" she said.Regrettably, Captain Rogers let go of her and beganto root through the men's pockets hoping it he didn't break any of her belongings in the fight.Returningwith three phones and wallets, one phone completely crushed. "I hope I didn't break yours miss" "Call me Sarrah" "Sarrah.." he said the name slowly like tasting a sweet fruit savoring it."I hope your phone isn'tthe broken one."He apologizedGrabbing her phone, unbroken, and wallet, Sarrah thanked him. Depositing the other items in the dumpster and throwing her garbage on top of them, Steve came back toher side."I didn't think this place was dangerous at night, do you mind if I walk you back home?" "Please" Sarrah smiled at him."Thank you Captain Rogers" "Steve is just fine"he said looking at her.He quickly coughed after realizing he had beenstaring intently into her eyes.Taking his arm and leaning on her savior, her legs were still a little shakyfrom the adrenaline, they walked up the street towards her apartment leaving the two would be muggers inan unconscious heap of bruises and broken bones. "Can I invite you in for something to drink Steve?It's the least I can do after you saved me." "That's quite alright, but I should be going."he politely declined.She was lovely but he was farto gentlemanly to impose. "I insist" she said with a smile which slowly faded."Please, just for a little while.You make mefeel..safe right now."No one in their right mind could say no to that, but he was sure she had a couch hecould sleep on if she insisted.Coming into her apartment, Sarrah turned on the lights and promptly lockedthe door behind them.He was quite handsome in proper lighting, tussled sandy hair, broad shoulders,bleeding chest...Bleeding chest!Just along his collar bone, he had a slight cut that had just started toseep toward his tight shirt."Oh Steve, you're bleeding"she let out.It wasn't serious, and he knew hewould heal faster than the average man, but he didn't put up too much of a struggle as she ushered him tothe bedroom.Grabbing some peroxide and some band aids, Sarrah insisted he take his shirt off so shecould see the wound in it's entirety.Strong pectorals, deep abs, the man was perfect..aside from his cut. "It's not much more than a deep paper cut" he insisted backpedaling as Sarrah wet a cotton ball to clean it. Whoo, cold! thought Steve as Sarrah dabbed gently at his small cut.Stepping backwards his legs hit theedge of the bed and he reached out reflexively as he fell, accidentally grabbing Sarrah and pulling her atophim.Hands on his strong rippling chest, straddling him as it were, Sarrah became aware of how 'manly' hewas beneath her.Cheeks blushing thinking she surely couldn't be the cause of that reaction she felt under her.And yet, he was here, she noticed he had kept staring at her, and he was in her bed with a glaringlyobvious erection pressed between them.In the awkward silence that followed, each unsure of what to say,Sarrah decided she should thank her savior in a more...special way.Covering the awkward silence Sarrahquickly grabbed the cotton ball and and band aids from where they had fallen on the bed.While stillstraddling him, she cleaned his wound and subtly ground her hips against him. "Steve..." she said as he let out a slight groan, she could feel him swelling a little more beneathher."I...I want to thank you for saving me back there.It was really brave" she said shyly as she finishedwith his chest.Sarrah remained atop him. "There's no need, you've already said thank you.You patched me up, and I should be leavingnow.It was nice meeting you Sarrah." he said flustered starting to rise.He stopped as she placed herhand on his chest, slowly grinding on him. "I insist you stay,十七岁日本在线观看完整版 and let me give you hero's thank you" she said leaning closer to his face, Thisiscrazy!Thisiscrazy!Thisiscrazy! she kept thinking but she was determined.Leaning in close shekissed him.It wasn't that good of a kiss, not at first.Steve was just so stunned this beautiful blonde vixenwas atop him giving him a kiss!There was something about her, nothing in the world could have pulled him away in thismoment.Finally kissing her back, things began to heat up and the kissing came smoother and better.He became aware of the heat coming off her as she straddled him.He never gave it much thought, but he was rather well endowed since the super soldierserum.He was big, very big.But not too big Sarrah thought as their tongues danced.Slowly Steve placed his hand on her thighs.She may have been wearing leggings, but they lift little to the imaginationas his hands crept around her backside.Pausing her kissing, Steve immediately stopped thinking he hadgone too far as Sarrah sat up on him.To his amazement, she grabbed the bottom of her hoodie and shirtand pulled them over her head and tossed them to the side.In a fit of bravado she smirked at him "I didn'tsay stop" and quickly resumed kissing.She was getting quite wet now, sure enough, Steve felt adampness through their combined pants.His throbbing member was painfully confined and need release. Tightly gripping her waist, Steve rolled both of them over so Sarrah was on her back.Breathing heavy,chest rising and falling rapidly, Sarrah looked down and saw Steve's bulge,the man was quite wellendowed.Getting up from her, Steve hooked his fingers into leggings and began to slide them down herlegs.He was about to stop and ask her if she was sure this was ok when she pulled one silky leg the restof the way out herself, followed by the other.All doubts in Steve's mind vanished as he dropped her leggings and panties, and ran a hand up her calf to her thigh.Grabbing behind her knees he carefully pulled her to the edge of the bed began to kiss upher legs.He wasn't an expert in this, but if anything he always placed ladies first. Hands trailing up her sides, kisses along her inner thighs, Steve could see how wet she was.This was no mere thank you, there was desire and lust coming from her as he got closer to her glistening pussy.Unable to continue his slow pace, he finally tasted her.Sarrah shuddered as his strong hands slid down her waist as his tongue stroked her silky folds.Noticing her budding clit peaking from it's hood, Steve ran his tongue along it before closing his lips around it.Sucking tightly on the small bead of pleasure, he began to stroke her pussy lips as before easing a finger into her tight pussy.The wet folds gripped his finger snugly, worrying him for a moment that he'd be too big for her.His fears evaporated as she rocked her hips up, pulling the digit deeper inside her.Thoroughly soaked, he slid a second finger in while still sucking on her clit. His tongue flicked all over her clit while his fingers stroked the roof of her cave, she was almost ready he thought.Heart beating like a drum, Sarrah began to moan and writhe between his ministrations.She thought it couldn't get any better until she felt his free hand travel up her body to caress her breasts before coming to brush a very erect nipple.Steve had found a rhythm with with fingers, steady upward pressure, almost like he was scooping peanut butter out with his fingers.Small shudders began to pulsate within Sarrah, she was being over stimulated!Gently rolling her nipple in his fingers, consistent steady strokes with his fingers, rigorous suction on her clit, Sarrah's toes began to curl as she started to cum.Blankets balled in her fists as she tensed up, squirming beneath him, her orgasm began to rock her frame.Not one to stop until the job is done, Steve rode out her orgasm, keeping up his stroking and sucking as her moans and wriggling turned to quiet screams and flailing beneath his tongue.Satisfied that she had truly achieved orgasm, Steve finally withdrew as Sarrah continued to shudder for another few seconds.Pulses continued to rack through her body for sometime as she came down, chest heaving, as she noticed he had pulled away. Breathless, Sarrah propped herself up on her elbows and looked at the man; shirtless, but still in his pants."I guess I have to doubly thank you" Sarrah said flushed."Remove those pants soldier" she teased pulling herself upright and fumbling his belt off.Free of all clothes, the naked Steve clambered back atop Sarrah kissing the whole way.She could taste herself on his lips, tangy and sweet.She could feel his member pressed between their bodies, long and thick.Sarrah could sense a little hesitation before Steve broke the kiss. "Are you sure this is ok Sarrah, I don't want to take advantage of this evenings events." he said looking down at her.Sarrah remained silent for just a moment before a smirk spread on her face and she rolled them both over straddling Steve. "Humility is well and good, but it won't get you out of your just desserts" she grinned reaching over to the nightstand to grab a condom.Opening it, she got a true impression of his member as she rolled the rubber down his length.She could hardly get her hand around it, bit her lip in anxious anticipation and rose up on him.Inching forward she positioned herself over his shaft as his hands slid up her thighs.Holding his base she slowly lowered her dripping pussy onto him. His wide girth split her as she slowly sank lower on him getting accustomed to his size.He wasn't uncomfortably big, but he was big.Inch by inch she felt him slip into her tight silky folds till she was fully seated on him.She hadn't felt so full in her life.Bracing her hands on his strong chest, his hands tenderly caressing her sides, Sarrah began to grind slowly on Steve as her body adjusted.Steve shuddered as she slid down his length.He was very glad he had eaten her and gotten her so wet as Sarrah was tight as glove.Her skin was silk as she fully, barely engulfed him.As she ground her hips back and forth on his him, Steve's hands left her sides to playfully caress her chest and rub her nipples that stood out like eraser heads, perfect to roll between his fingertips.More accustomed to his length and girth filling her, Sarrah began to bob up and down on him.He was deeper in her than any man before, and the new stimulation was exhilarating as she began to work him deep in and out of her.Snug would hardly describe it, he fit like he was made exactly for what she could handle and not any smaller.Faster Sarrah began to bob up and down on Steve and he began to meet her with little thrusts of his own till their pelvis's began to meet with an audible smack.His hands left her chest to grip her hips for better control while Sarrah's hands slid to Steve's shoulders to better grip him.Hunched over, Sarrah's strength in her arms began to fail her as she slumped lower.Steve took over the the thrusting from below and raised his head to kiss her lips, tongue wrestling with hers.Steve gradually slowed as they continued to kiss till they came to a stop. Hands sliding up around her waist, Steve rolled them over till he was on top.Sarrah's legs came to wrap around his strong middle as he gazed into her eyes.With a grin she pulled her legs close bringing him back fully into her and Steve began to thrust.Slow deep thrusts started it off interspersed with kisses, but Sarrahs moans were sex incarnate, made Steve's blood boil and the tempo began to increase.Every stroke deep and and fast, Steve was like a jackhammer.His super soldier serum had given him truly enhanced stamina as he showed no signs of slowing.Pussy muscles clenching from the intense stimulation, arms around his neck, Sarrah moaned out her pleasure as a normally quiet reserved Steve grunted out his lusty approvalof her perfect body.Hand tightly gripping her thigh, he pulled them off the bed and stood pressing Sarrah against the wall, hands moving down to grip her ass as he jackhammered into her.Hanging on, nails digging into his back, toes curling, Sarrah was approaching another orgasm.Loud moans and screams came from Sarrah as she began to cum and Steve showed no signs of slowing, lost in the intense passion she elicited from him.Steve could feel Sarrah spasming around his dick as he thrust deep into her tight pussy than now gripped him like a vice.Bouncing on his dick as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her frame, Sarrah wasn't sure how much more she could take when she felt him quicken his already rapid pace.Sarrah kept squeezing down as Steve felt himself thicken and he began to cum.She felt his member thicken within her as he kept thrusting and new warmth blossomed along his shaft.Steve was truly fucking her as he exploded within the condom deep in her.Rough grunts came from Steve and every thrust pulled more from him as her pussy seemed to milk everything from him.Sarrah let out a scream as his thrusts became singular hard deep thrusts as she orgasmed and he slowed and came.They came together as she dug her nails into his sure she had left marks as they came to to a standstill against the wall him still deep in her. Staggering backwards and falling onto the bed Sarrah on top him, Steve breathed as if he had just run a marathon.Sarrah was fairing no better, hair in wild disarray, chest pressed against his, she could their hearts beating a million beats a second it seemed.She was content to lay there with his arms wrapped around around her and his member still with in her."Tha...tha...Thank you Captain Rogers.."Sarrah breathed before being silenced by a kiss.Steve quickly broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, I should have asked before interrupting you like that, I wasn't too rough was I, was it good for you" Steve began to flounder beginning to revert to a his much more reserved usual self.A quiet little chuckle and quick kiss from Sarrah stopped him fast. "You were incredible, I think I'll have to thank you again just for that" Sarrah purred nipping at his ear.Steve just smiled and kissed her forehead and pulled her close.Slowly their hearts slowed down and the world seemed to quiet down.Sarrah's breathing slowed and she fell asleep curled against the chest of Captain America.Steve smiled as reached over and flicked off the light switch and pulled a blanket across them, and fell asleep contentedly holding this girl who had thoroughly filled his thoughts in this quiet, quaint little town of Beaver.