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and take a few pictures丰满熟妇人妻中文字幕

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Twenty-Eight – Ron’s Happy Birthday Part Three – An Evening SnackDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.Story Codes: mmf, mf, f-mast, ncon, cream pie, grope, magic, morph, rape, spank, unif, voyRon’s birthday had been an interesting one to say the least; not only had he gotten an early morning surprise by his very own sister, he had been given the best birthday present ever by the devious but sexy Hermione Granger.Ginny had thought it had been Harry she had fucked in the morning, while Hermione used her smoking hot body to trick Ron into giving her the location of the Spellbook of Desires.Hermione and Ginny had formulated a plan for revenge; all they needed was a few suitable spells from the book to exact an appropriate retribution from the sex-crazed deviant, Draco Malfoy.Meanwhile, Harry and Ron had set up a special little date with Fleur Delacour after helping her little sister during the Second Task.Fleur had agreed to fuck both of them for their trouble and had set up a little get together later at night in the Prefects bathroom on the fifth floor.‘Where the fuck have you been Ron… And where the hell is Hermione?You two just left me standing there like an idiot’ Harry shouted at a very pleased looking Ron, who had finally met up with him at the entrance to their first afternoon class.‘Uhhhh… Hermione just had to… Uhhhhh… Show me something!’ Ron replied, looking a little red in the face as he did so.Hermione had indeed showed him something very interesting; her sweet little teenage ass.Hermione used her feminine wiles to seduce Ron, extract the location of the Spellbook of Desires and manage to fuck his brains out in the process.After receiving a hot sticky load of cum all over her face, she ran up to Harry and Ron’s room, searched through Harry’s trunk and stole the infamous spell book from the devious pair without them ever knowing.‘I think she ran back up to the common room to change’‘Well… Class is going to start any minute, and it’s definitely not like Hermione to be late for class!’ Harry responded suspiciously, after realizing something was definitely up.‘Anyway… It’s good she’s not here… Fleur sent me a note; we’re suppose to meet her in the fifth floor Prefects bathroom at eight’ Fleur had learned of the luxurious bathroom from Cedric Diggory months earlier when she had complained about not having suitable bathing facilities.In truth, Cedric had only told her so he could peek through a spy hole and watch her while she frolicked in the colorful soapy water completely naked.‘Sounds good to me!’ Ron replied, with a smile on his face and a twinge in his groin.‘What sounds good?’ Hermione interrupted Harry and Ron’s conversation.Hermione had indeed changed her slutty clothing for her afternoon classes, much to the chagrin of Harry and Ron.Hermione had taken the time to throw on some normal clothing after storing the Spellbook of Desires safely in her own locked trunk.She had told Ginny to meet her after her afternoon classes to look through the book for a few good spells to use on Malfoy.The afternoon classes went by without much incident, other than Snape making some snide comments about Harry and Ron’s potion work and Malfoy staring at Hermione for almost the entire class.Malfoy had long been planning to add to his collection of private prostitutes, and Ginny Weasley and Hermione G ranger were prime candidates to fill those profitable positions.Pansy Parkinson, Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood had been earning Malfoy hundreds of Galleons since early January.Business had been booming, but Malfoy knew the additions of two hot Gryffindors like Hermione and Ginny would increase his income exponentially.Currently however, he was doing some recon on the two girls’ daily schedules and habits.He had been using his trusty invisibility cloak to do that recon, but every once and a while Hermione and Ginny had seen him peeping.It wouldn’t matter in the least after he made his move and turned them into his love slaves, but he definitely didn’t need any negative exposure to what he was doing within the walls of Hogwarts.He was following either Hermione or Ginny every night and he had recently decided that as soon as the earliest opportunity presented itself; he’d make his move on one of them.He already had two enchanted coins set up for the beauties and was ready to perform the necessary spell work whenever the occasion arose.Little did Malfoy know however, it wouldn’t be him doing the ambushing when he made his move on Hermione and Ginny.As soon as the double potions ended in the afternoon, Hermione hurried out of the dungeons without even waiting for Harry and Ron.She had a certain inkling that Malfoy was going to spring into action soon and she wanted to be ready for when he did.‘Hermione!Where are you going?’ shouted Ron, as Hermione bolted from the classroom and out of the dungeons towards Gryffindor Tower.Hermione had no time to walk up with her friends; she had set up a meeting with Ginny as soon as the afternoon classes ended and she intended to meet with her as soon as possible.Hermione made it to the common room in short order and was shocked as soon as she entered.‘Ginny… Why are you still wearing those clothes?’ Hermione said; looking very surprised at what she was wearing.Ginny was still wearing her skirt hiked way up with her floral patterned panties showing.She had also tied up her dress shirt, leaving her tight mid-drift visible to all.‘I like it… Besides… Boys will do anything I want when I look like this!’ Ginny replied with a grin.Even her male teachers were taking notice of Ginny’s new and improved school uniform and Ginny had no problem with flaunting her newfound sexuality to get what she wanted.‘Disgusting!’ Hermione responded, shocked that her young friend could be so slutty.She would have pressed the matter, but an inspiration came to Hermione that very second; she could use Ginny’s sexy clothing to ensnare the very boy they were out to punish.She quickly ran up to her room and got the Spellbook of Desires.She opened it and flipped through the pages to find a good spell to use on Malfoy.It took her and Ginny a couple of hours, but they were able to find a couple simple spells that were perfectly suited for a horny sex-crazed deviant like Draco Malfoy.The first spell’s description read:Infidelity a problem in your relationship?Want to make sure your man keeps his horses stabled?With the ‘Erectilus Impotes’ incantation, he won’t be able to get it up anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year.Warning!There is no counter-spell for this incantation and the effects may last up to a year; be sure about this before casting this detrimental spell!The second spell was a little more pervasive:The ultimate revenge for getting back at a sex-depraved lunatic; the ‘Minimus Phallus’ spell will shrink a man’s penis to a miniscule size for several days.The spell may only last a little while, but it will effectively teach the targeted creep a valuable lesson.Warning!This spell is not permanent and the shrinking spell will wear off within a few short days!‘Wow Hermione!Those look perfect for that creep!’ Ginny said after reading the spells’ descriptions.‘Yeah, I know… There’s just one little problem… These spells will only work when Malfoy’s got an erection’ Hermione replied embarrassed by using such vulgar language.‘It looks like one of us will have to catch his attention… If you know what I mean?’She knew there was only one sure way to catch Malfoy with a hard-on, and that was by using one of them as bait, while the other cast the spells.As an added bonus, Hermione had borrowed Harry’s magical camera, in order to catch Malfoy with his pants down after the spells had been cast.It would be the ultimate revenge when she posted the pictures around the school, showing all of Hogwarts Malfoy’s miniaturized penis.‘I’ll do it!’ Ginny replied a little too quickly with a wicked grin on her face.Secretly, she had fantasized about being the object of Malfoy’s lust.It would be all the sweeter when he couldn’t have her after Hermione’s plan was enacted.‘Don’t worry Ginny… I’ll get him before he lays his nasty hands on you!’ Hermione responded, looking a little concerned at her friends overanxious volunteering.After that, Hermione filled Ginny in on the entire plan.Ginny would lure Malfoy to the fifth floor and into an empty classroom with Hermione following right after.Before Ginny could be taken advantaged of by Malfoy, Hermione would cast the two spells on him, stun him, and take a few pictures, before leaving him to be discovered by a random professor the next morning.While Hermione and Ginny went over the final details of their plan for revenge, Harry and Ron were catching a quick supper before running up to the Prefects bathroom on the fifth floor to prepare for Fleur.Harry and Ron knew that the bathroom would be a very private setting, and although having sex in the massive bathing tub would be amazing, they knew it wouldn’t work too well with three players.They decided instead to adorn the hard tile floors with several large and comfortable pillows, which they hoped would please Fleur more than the hard stone.Eight o’clock came extremely fast for everyone; Harry and Ron were waiting nervously in the Prefects bathroom, while Hermione and Ginny were getting ready to spring their trap on an unsuspecting Malfoy.As Ginny made some last minute adjustments to her sexy apparel, Fleur walked up to the bathroom doorway and said the password ‘Pine Fresh’ before entering.‘Holy FUCK!’ groaned both Harry and Ron, as Fleur came into full view.Like always, she was looking as slutty as humanly possible.She was wearing the Beauxbatons school uniform for girls, but it looked like it was several sizes to small.Her top emphasized her perky breasts and hard nipples, and her tiny skirt wasn’t even long enough to cover her tight blue thong.‘Language boys!’ Fleur said seductively, obviously pleased that she had elicited yet another astonished reaction to her ridiculously tantalizing clothing.She had shrunken her uniform to such extremes for the specific purpose of turning on her sister’s saviors.Their reactions were proof enough that shrinking all of her clothing was a stroke of brilliance.‘Mon Dieu… What iz zis!’ Fleur continued, walking over to Harry and Ron and grabbing their bulging cocks.Both Harry and Ron let out loud groans as Fleur’s experienced hands began to fondle their respective cocks.Harry and Ron didn’t even need to say anything; Fleur had a single purpose upon entering the bathroom, and that was fucking their brains out.Harry and Ron had no problem with that, and before long, Fleur was on her knees undressing her two sister’s rescuers and jacking each of them off with her two hands.Zis iz the least I can do for my two ‘eroes’Just as Fleur started to work over Harry and Ron, Hermione and Ginny were setting out to ensnare and punish Draco Malfoy.Ginny was decked out in her most alluring outfit to date; a thin see-through top, an extremely short skirt, long knee-high socks and a plethora of make-up to emphasize her immense beauty.Even Hermione was a little turned on at how hot Ginny was looking; she could see right through her tight-fitting top and had noticed her rosy little perky nipples.‘Are you alright Hermione?’ Ginny asked Hermione, noticing she looked a little flushed and overwhelmed.‘Nothing… What… Umm… We should go!’ Hermione responded, a little too quickly.After Hermione controlled her little outburst of emotion, she led Ginny to the staircase and down to the fifth floor without meeting a single soul on the way there.They were not alone however; Malfoy had been following both of them as soon as they had left the portrait hole.He had bided his time for days, and now that Ginny was looking so fantastic, he fully planned to take the opportunity to expand his burgeoning business.Unlike Pansy, Cho and Luna, he had no client lined up for Ginny or Hermione; he intended to have the first go with both the teenage beauties.As he followed behind them under his trusty invisibility cloak, he saw them turn a corner and start to walk down the fifth floor corridor.When he made it around the corner, he quickly noticed that Ginny was now walking all alone down the hallway, with her skirt flapping up over her ass with each step.Malfoy found it a little odd that Hermione had just disappeared all of a sudden, but Ginny’s tantalizing outfit was too distracting for him to worry about anything else.It was better that Ginny was alone anyway; it would make it much easier to corner her, stun her and enact his plan.As Ginny opened the door to the vacant empty classroom, Hermione was silently following behind the invisible Malfoy.She had had a small hunch that they had been followed since the staircase; she had therefore broke off from Ginny and hid behind a suit of armor.But just as Ginny opened and closed the empty classroom door, Hermione heard a distant noise coming from behind a slightly ajar door.Fleur was on her knees working two cocks with her hands and mouth, making both Harry and Ron moan in satisfaction.Both of them were on the verge of orgasm; Fleur’s amazing tongue and skillful hands were doing a number on their stamina, but just as they were ready to blow their loads all over her pretty face, she let go of them, as if she knew they were ready to pop.‘Not just yet!’ Fleur said, as she tore off her tiny outfit and pushed Harry to the floor.Ron stared in bewilderment as Fleur got on top of Harry and straddled his waist.She reached back with her hand and grasped his hard five inches, guiding it towards her sopping wet hole in the process.She gave Harry a little wink just before prodding the tip of his cock against her tight hole causing her to moan in preparation for the eventual penetration.Harry just laid back and enjoyed the ride; in seconds, Fleur had Harry’s cock buried halfway into her cunt.It wasn’t long after, that Fleur had Harry’s entire five inches completely submerged inside her, grinding and riding him like a saddle.Hermione knew that Ginny was counting on her stopping and stunning Malfoy before he found a way to take advantage of her friend, but her curiosity was peaked by the loud male and female moans coming from a mysterious door.She walked up to the slightly ajar door and was astonished to see that it was an entrance to a bathroom.She was even more shocked when she peered inside the small crack and saw that she recognized the three naked occupants.Harry, Ron, and who she suspected was Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbatons Champion, were engaged in some highly intensive sexual activities.Harry was on his back letting Fleur ride him like a stallion, while Ron stood over Harry and let Fleur suck his throbbing six inch cock.Hermione was both disgusted and slightly turned on; her first reaction to the unfolding scene in front of her was to stick her hand between her legs and into her pair of underwear.She put her fingers on her horny clit and began rubbing it, forgetting all about her friend, the peril she would be in and the role she was suppose to play in the revenge plan against Malfoy.Ginny made her way into the dark empty classroom and just as she lit a small oil lamp for some light, she heard the door behind her open and close.After hearing that, she was certain that Malfoy was indeed following her; she hadn’t heard Hermione come in after him, but she was sure that she would show up before Malfoy did anything.Ginny looked back towards where Malfoy had clearly entered,国外精品视频在线观看免费 but it appeared that he was still hiding underneath his invisibility cloak.Thinking quickly, Ginny decided to further entice the perverted Malfoy and make him reveal himself for a possible ambush by Hermione.‘Come on Malfoy… Don’t you like what you see?’ Ginny said, bending over a table and wiggling her bare ass towards where she suspected Malfoy was standing.Her little skirt and tight thong emphasized her gorgeous tight teen ass and pussy and was more than enough to elicit a response from the sneaky Malfoy.‘FUCK!!!!This feels so good!’ cried Harry, in the Prefects bathroom only a few doors down.Fleur was bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning and groaning into Ron’s piston-like cock as she fucked Harry’s brains out.‘That pussy looks so good, Harry!’ Ron moaned, enjoying the sensual blowjob by Fleur, but wanting to fuck her even more.‘I ‘av two ‘oles’ Fleur groaned, pulling her mouth off of Ron’s cock and slamming her pussy as far down onto Harry’s cock as possible in the process.She leaned forward and pressed her immaculate breasts against Harry’s chest, lifting her ass upwards, preparing herself for a second deep penetration.‘So HOT!!!’ Hermione moaned to herself quietly, rubbing her fingers up against her moistening pussy.She knew what she was doing was perverted and wrong, but the scene in front of her was overwhelming her senses.As Ron got ready to slam his rod into Fleur’s tight ass, Hermione was feeling a twinge of jealousy; wishing it was her, instead of Fleur, about to be double penetrated.Ginny kept wiggling her ass into the dark classroom as Malfoy made his move without her even knowing.Throwing off his invisibility cloak and stepping forward, Malfoy took hold of Ginny’s swaying hips and pressed his hardening shaft up against her warm thigh.‘You want it bad, don’t you, slut?’ Malfoy whispered into Ginny’s ear, rubbing his hard cock up against her small ass crack.‘Shit, you’re already hard!’ Ginny cried; a little worried that Hermione hadn’t yet showed up to save her.‘I was hard as soon as I saw you shaking that fine ass down the stairway!’ Malfoy replied with a smirk, reaching around with his hand in the process and giving one of her hard nipples a squeeze through her see-through shirt.‘You’ve got the wrong idea, you pervert!’ Ginny screamed, hoping that Hermione would jump into action before Malfoy progressed any further.Hermione in fact, had completely forgotten all about Ginny, and the imminent peril she was probably in; she was far too engrossed with the scene developing right before her eyes.Fleur had just invited Ron to stick his thick six inch rod into her extremely tight and sexy teenage ass.While Ron got ready to fuck her ass, Harry was on his back holding down Fleur’s waist, with his shaft buried in her quivering cunny.Hermione couldn’t believe what she was doing; she was jamming her fingers in and out of her own pussy as she watched her two best friends ravage an extremely horny Fleur Delacour.‘God Dammit! Her ass his so tight!’ groaned Ron, as the tip of his thick rod began to penetrate her tight o-ring.Fleur was relatively calm, considering that she had not one, but two cocks now plugging her tight holes.Harry remained patient, waiting as Ron did his best to work more and more of his six inches into her incredibly tight French ass.‘Hurry up Ron, I can’t wait much longer!’ Harry said to the struggling Ron, wanting so badly to resume plowing Fleur’s gorgeous teen twat.‘UNGHHHH!’ grunted both Fleur and Ron together, as Ron was able to force the remaining couple of inches into her ass.Fleur let out a quiet groan of pain as Ron pulled out and forced his six inches back into her.Harry let out a moan of triumph as Fleur moved her waist up a little and let Harry and Ron work together in double fucking her pussy and ass in a somewhat erratic rhythm.As Hermione really started to enjoy the pleasure her own fingers were bringing her, Ginny was being sexually molested by a very horny Draco Malfoy.He had stolen Ginny’s wand and had broken it in two before he started rubbing both her small perky breasts and her little teenage twat.Ginny was still struggling against her captive, but was in fact enjoying herself a little too much.Malfoy had intended to brand her and make her one of his slutty order-following escorts right away, but he had had a change of heart and decided instead to have his way with her first before making her his newest teenage prostitute.Her struggle only made him want her more, and as his fingers began thrusting in and out her little cunt, Ginny thrashed about in both pleasure and pain.As Ginny tried to break free, Malfoy took the opportunity to pull out his wand and hit her with the ‘Incarcerous’ spell, binding her wrists and ankles together and to the desk she was pinned against.Ginny tried her hardest to break her bonds, but the ropes binding her to the desk were too strong.All her struggling only made her more enticing to Malfoy; he lifted her skirt and slowly slid her panties off, stuffing them into his pants as a memento.Malfoy got onto his knees and moved his mouth up to her sweet little snatch, getting a good whiff of her tasty smelling juices.He could just make out a small patch of orange pubic hair as he used his fingers to spread her lower lips and jam his long wet tongue into her.Ginny let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as Malfoy began eating her out.Using both his fingers and tongue, Malfoy worked on her pussy for a good ten minutes before Ginny couldn’t help but moan out in ecstasy.‘Ahhhh!FUCK!’ groaned a defeated Ginny, as she went through a massive orgasm, squirting her juices onto Malfoy’s thrusting tongue.He quickly lapped up her tasty juices before standing up and pulling off his own pants.He tore off Ginny’s see-through shirt and guided his six inch cock towards her very wet twat.‘STOP!!! HELP!!!’ Ginny yelled, hoping that Hermione would finally spring into action.It was to no avail however; Malfoy, unabashed, pressed the tip of his hard shaft against her cunny and pushed, breaking through her moist folds and filling her hot cunt with his thick throbbing cock.As Ginny’s twat was being rammed unmercifully by a horny Malfoy, Fleur Delacour was being filled by two cocks at once, causing her to go through orgasm after orgasm as Hermione watched only feet away, unnoticed.Harry and Ron assaulted Fleur’s two holes with increased vigor as she went through what was like her fourth powerful orgasm.The sight of Fleur’s warm juices running down her legs and onto the soft pillows was almost too much for Hermione to take as her fingers pumped in and out of her dripping wet snatch.She pulled them out and licked her sticky fingers just as Ron and Harry began panting loudly.‘Ahhhh, Shit!I’m gonna cum!’ groaned Harry, closing his eyes and trying to stave off his imminent orgasm for as long as possible.‘Me to!’ shouted Ron, pumping his shaft into Fleur’s tight ass harder and faster with every passing second.‘MON DIEU!’ moaned Fleur, only seconds later, feeling both Harry and Ron’s tools swell inside her.The friction, heat and speed of Harry and Ron’s thrusts were enough to cause her to go through her fifth orgasm, just as they both were ready to cum.‘CUM INSIDE ME!’ she moaned, knowing full well she had several bottles of pregnancy potion and also knowing that she really wanted to feel both of them shooting deep inside her ass and pussy.‘UNGHHHH! UNGHHHH! UNGHHHHHHHHHH!’ grunted Harry and Ron almost simultaneously, spurting their respective loads of hot sticky cum directly into her pussy and ass.Harry’s cock was fully submerged as his spasm stricken cock pumped load after load of potent seed directly into Fleur’s very receptive womb.Ron’s six inches were buried just as deeply in Fleur’s ass, as he blew his massive load directly into her tight rectum, filling it very quickly.Fleur’s holes hurriedly filled with Harry and Ron’s hot semen, streaming down her legs and onto the soft pillows.As Fleur’s holes filled with sticky cum, Hermione couldn’t help but quietly moan in satisfaction as she went through her own orgasm.The sight of her best friends spurting their seed into the Fleur’s pussy and ass were too hot for Hermione to handle, and her two submerged fingers were covered in her warm juices moments later.‘OHHH SHIT… GINNY!’ Hermione reminded herself seconds later, after her orgasm had subsided.Hermione had totally forgotten about her friend, their plan, and Malfoy.Without hesitation, she ran down the hall and to the empty classroom Ginny was being sexually assaulted in.As Hermione, Harry, Ron and Fleur all went through massive sticky orgasms; Ginny was being violated by Malfoy’s throbbing six inch cock.It had only taken a few seconds for Malfoy to slam his full length deeply into Ginny’s wet cunt.Ginny closed her eyes in defeat and simply accepted her fate; she was going to be Malfoy’s little fuck-toy and there was nothing she could do to stop him, not that she was bound and her wand was broken.Her mind quickly flitted to Hermione and why she hadn’t stopped Malfoy from violating her.‘Just as tight as I thought you’d be!’ moaned Malfoy, moving his hips back and forth; ramming his cock in and out of Ginny’s clutching pussy in a swift and smooth motion.Malfoy grabbed her white ass, gave her a few quick slaps that left two large red marks and began to thrust into her harder and faster.‘How would you like a little baby-batter in your baby-maker, slut!’‘No…. Stop… Hermione… HELP!’ Ginny screamed trying to avoid a sticky load of potent seed deep in her clutching teen pussy.‘No ones going to help you, you dumb bitc---!’ Malfoy started, before being cut off by a sudden flash of pink light.It hit him right in the back, only seconds before he was ready to cum and just like a switch; his large stiff shaft shrank to miniscule proportions inside Ginny.‘What the fuck---!’ Malfoy started again, pulling his tiny cock from Ginny’s abused pussy and raising his wand towards the source of the flash, just before a bright orange flash of light hit him in the chest.Moments later, his tiny stiff cock softened and shank even more.Malfoy looked down at his tiny shriveled cock in shock before looking up to see a joyful-looking Hermione casting a stunning spell right at his distressed-looking face.Hermione ran over to Ginny and used her wand to cut through her bonds.Ginny slowly and gingerly got off the desk she had been abused on and faced her savior.‘WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN!’ Ginny screamed at Hermione.‘Sorry… I… Uh… Got caught up in something very important’ Hermione replied, looking embarrassed and ashamed.Ginny finally forgave Hermione for her tardiness and spent a good hour taking pictures of Malfoy’s tiny cock.As an added precaution, the two girls went through his pockets, looking for any further incriminating evidence.Ginny took back her tiny thong and a several shiny funny looking gold Galleons, while Hermione found numerous pages of spells, which she suspected had been copied down from the Spellbook of Desires.After stealing Malfoy’s clothes and possessions, Hermione and Ginny left the impotent sex crazed lunatic unconscious on his back, waiting to be found the next morning by a Hogwarts professor.


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