2 complementary laptops色精色精品
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2 complementary laptops色精色精品

Even if you haven't read the book you can see what each of the characters look like by looking up 'cherub characters' onlineOr read this descriptionJames: a ok looking boy obsessed with sex although he's a virgin Kerry: uptight slim Asian girl. Has long black hair, smaller than average boobs and a nice buttDana: a bit of a tom boy. Talk with long blonde hair and huge boobs. She is very fit and a year older than James.Lauren: 2 years younger than James (her brother). A bit of a feminist. Has long thick blonde hair and a small frame.Bethany: Lauren's age. Very bossy with lots of attitude. Short like Lauren but unlike Lauren she's a party girl and quite slutty. She has long brown hair, big boobs that are huge for her frame. She hates James and James hates herMath class had just just finished as 15 year old James  raced out of the classroom. He was in an energetic state as he raced to his girlfriend Kerry's room. The door was unlocked and Kerry was at her desk catching up on her history assignment. ' oh, hey James,' said Kerry looking up from her work. Kerry was wearing a purple sports shirt that was a little too small for her frame. Her skintight shorts showed a lot of leg and made James pants tighten.But this show of leg was not all that excited James. Since he had gone on his latest mission Kerry boobs seemed to have grown larger than before. Although they weren't huge they were enough to give James a rase in his pantsWithout warning James stormed toward Kerry and kissed her hard. She kissed back and they soon started snogging on the bed. James groped Kerry's bum and boobs as he passionately kissed her.' Kerry I've waited so long for you to come back,' James panted as he started crazily dry humping Kerry's thigh. The feeling was uncomfortable for Kerry but she rolled with it because after all a guy like James needed his sexual release. *****************Lauren felt ridicules as she walked down the street with Jake to the town of Barringtons only school. She didn't feel this way because it was her first day at this school.  It was because the first stage of her infiltration mission involved her wearing a push up bra that made her already large chest look even bigger. She wore a tight shirt and had her blonde hair in a big ponytail that bounced with her boobs as they walked. Lauren's uniform formed a bulge where her boobs pressed against it . What didn't help was that Jake kept passing sleazy comments about the amount of guys that were staring at her boobs. As much as Lauren hated exploiting her sexuality she knew it was key that guys be attracted to her during the mission. They walked past rows of shops and diners till they reached a road that seemed to run off from the main town centre. They followed it to the gate of the school. The gate itself was made of metal bars that you could see between when the gate was closed but straight after that there was a building you had to enter  that blocked of the view inside the school. In fact the whole school was surrounded by a wall of buildings that blocked of the view into the school giving it a sinister look.If their mission briefing was correct this design was perfect for concealing the schools real purpose. Lauren adjusted her bra as they walked into the entrance building. The inside of the building was new with cream coloured walls and a polished marble floor. Although there was no one in the room or any cameras the pair felt exposed. The lack of furniture, the large empty room and cool air from the air conditioner made Lauren and Jake nervous. They walked through a pair of double doors labeled new students entry. Inside was a bright modern room with a smart reception desk and a young receptionist typing away on her computer." umm hi, today is our first day here, do you know where we're meant to go?" asked Lauren. " just wait here and have a drink, I'll get someone to show you the grounds, said the lady. She offered a small plastic cup of water to Lauren which she drank down eagerly. Jake put his hand out to receive a cup too but the lady ignored him.*************************************" oh James did you have to cum so much," complained Kerry pointing to the soaked cum stain on her shorts. " sorry, guess I'm just excited to see you again," joked James." you know James this isn't really healthy for our relationship," said Kerry," basically every time we get to get together its so you can blow your load. Like when we go to the movies and there's a sex scene, you pressure me into giving you a handjob"" that shows we have a good relationship," replied James. " James, I'm starting to feel like your whore instead of your girlfriend."" whore... Whore! If you were my whore we would have at least had sex by now," yelled James." get out James, get out and find yourself a girlfriend whore to get you off because were through." And with that Kerry pushed James out of her room and slammed the door in his face. James was in shock about what just happened. A little thing like mentioning that they hadn't had sex pushed Kerry over the edge. If she wanted to breakup than it was fine with James. He would easily be able to get another much hotter girlfriend.James walked to his room covering the cum stain soaked in his pants with his hands the whole way. Meanwhile kerry lay on her bed crying about how used she felt. She started feeling vulnerable. No guy would want to go out with her, Maybe she should apologise to James. A quick handjob under the the cafeteria table would have James dating her again. She would have to do more though if she wanted to keep him.The next day Kerry got up from bed and put on a tight fitting shirt that enlarged her boobs and cleavage. She combed her long black hair and wore her skin tight jeans that she knew James would like. She then set off to find James.***********************************The schools interior  was modern with state of the art electronics and flash security systems every where. The classrooms were large and neat. No expense had been spared anywhere. Gold leaf paintings hung on the walls of the corridors and large statues were a common sight.After the amazing tour of the school Jake and Lauren were shown to their room. The room was better than a 5 star hotel. It had 2 large beds, 2 complementary laptops, soft thick carpets, free room service at the press of a button and heaps of other amenities. Lauren and Jake walked around their room in shock. " Jake this is amazing," exclaimed Lauren. " oh my god they have so much free stuff," replied Jake.They spent the rest of the day exploring their room and they found out that the room had everything a teen could want. There was all types of cool new clothes in the walk-in wardrobe that fit Lauren and Jake perfectly. There was a remote on the dresser draw that controlled an inbuilt music  system complete with lights that had different settings from romantic to rock. To top it all off there were condoms in the dresser draw. As the day was coming to an end Jake and Lauren sat on their bed using their laptops. While Lauren was hacking her laptop so she could send a message to her mission controller without the school system reading it Jake had his head phones in and was watching porn. He had the covers up so Lauren wouldn't see his rock hard dick pressing against the fabric of his pants.Every now and then he would turn to look at Lauren and try to catch a glimpse of her cleavage. Lauren was trying her best to concentrate on hacking the system but ever since she drank that cup of water her hormones had going crazy. Even her best friend Bethany's annoying little brother was starting to look like a guy she might sleep with. The more she tried to ignore it the more her hormones raged. Lauren kept telling herself that she was more mature than this and that an attractive girl like her could do so much better than Jake. As time went on Lauren started feeling self conscious and found Jake more and more attractive. She started doubting her own looks. She started comparing herself to better looking girls like Amy and Dana. Compared to them she was a little better than average looking. Her hormone levels started to rise and all she could think about was how much she wanted to fuck Jake right there and then.Jake was Horney but this was because of the porn and because he found Lauren attractive. Her big blonde ponytail, round boobs and slim waist made her a girl Jake would do any day.Lauren couldn't take it anymore. She put the laptop next to her and got up. She walked over to jakes bed and got under the covers. Jake was so concentrated on the porn he didn't notice Lauren until she was under the covers staring at his screen."  what the hell are you doing,gogo专业大尺度亚洲高清人体" Jake yelled as he slammed down the laptop screen." Jake, i need to have sex really bad and by the looks of it your the right person to come to,"  Lauren giggled as she held his erection in her hand. She stroked it gently and waited for a reply.Jake was about to protest when all of a sudden the pleasure from Lauren's hand shook all throughout his lower body. A handjob from a girl like Lauren was something few guys had experienced. Once Lauren was satisfied that she had Jake ' in the palm of her hand' she reached into the draw and took out a condom. Ripping it open with her teeth she then reached under the covers and put the condom on jakes throbbing dick.Jake eagerly took of the rest of his clothes while Lauren removed her skirt and underwear. She then gave Jake a long lustful kiss before lying on top of Jake. Jake could feel Lauren's boobs through her shirt and this made his pulse quicken.Lauren slowly slid down jakes body till the head of his penis was in her vagina. Lauren bit her lip as her hormones wanted nothing more than to slide up and down as fast as she could. She however knew that this was her and jakes first time so her Hylem needed to be broken.She slid down further until she felt pressure on her hylem. She wined as she pushed her body further down. The pain built and finally it broke. Now jakes entire penis was inside her. Jake groaned in pleasure as Lauren started sliding up and down his body.   Jake had never done anything like this especially with a girl as hot as Lauren. Lauren's pussy was super tight and warm. Her nipples hardened against Jakes chest as Jake squeezed Lauren's big firm butt. He continued moaning  and groaning his way toward an orgasm. Lauren had been with rat long enough to know that it took a long time to have an orgasm but for some reason today she was ready to cum in no time at all. Not that Jake minded, he struggled not to cum as he pulled on Lauren's ponytail. To both of their surprise Lauren came before Jake and even had time for a second orgasm before jakes penis exploded into the condom.Lauren said nothing as Jake wrapped this arms around Lauren and fell asleep. Lauren on the other hand now relieved or her hormones realised the severity of what she had just done. She couldn't even remember why she fucked Jake. Reality came flooding back as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.*********************************************James took a shower and wore some clean clothes. Just as he was going to settle in for an afternoon of TV and chips there was a knock on the door. " probably Kerry come to apologise," James thought to himself as he went to open it. To his surprise it was Dana Smith who was James's ex girlfriend. She wore a black shirt that was lifted along the length of Dana's huge DD boobs. Her long yellow blonde hair reached all the way down to her butt that was expressing its shape through her baggy combat trousers. " Hey James," greeted Dana, " Zara wants to see us in her office right now."" what for?," groaned James."She wants to talk to us about a mission that needs more agents on it urgently. Don't bother changing Zara wants us in her office right now."This wouldn't have usually been a problem for James but since he had planed on a afternoon of TV and junk food he had only wore a pair of boxers and at T-shirt. James jogged behind Dana toward Zara's office. He couldn't help starring at Dana's luscious round bum and her jiggling boobs as they Jogged. " wait!" James yelled before Dana had a chance to open Zara's Door, " i need to take care of something."Dana turned around and noticed straight away what James was talking about. Watching Dana's sexy body jogging had caused James to get a raging bonner that cried out for attention. There was no way to hide it and Dana considered just pulling James into Zara's office with his obvious errection pushing the fabric of his boxers." Ok hurry up and come with me," said Dana.James felt like a little child following his mother to the toilet for a dipper change. However this was no dipper change or anything motherly.  Once James and Dana were in a cubical Dana got on her knees, pulled down James's boxers and took his dick all the way into her mouth. She sucked on it as she moved her head back and forth at a quickening pace.James moaned and groaned each time Dana deep throated his dick. And within 10 seconds of Dana's super fast head movements James was ready to cum. James put his hands on the back of Dana's head and pushed his dick all the way into her mouth. James couldn't last any longer but before James came Dana forced James's dick out of her mouth and began Jerking him off into a roll of toilet tissue. James came instantly and Dana squeezed every last drop of cum out of his dick."Why didn't you swallow?" James groaned, " you usually do."" Ya when we were dating," Dana giggled," im your ex not your girlfriend James."James remembered that Dana was his ex. She had just done him a great favour considering that they weren't dating. Even Kerry who was his girlfriend had never given him head so spontaneously. The only time she did it was once when they were in a expensive hotel and James had begged and begged her for a blow. She argued for so long before she finally gave in but the blowjob was slow and lousy with no deep oral penetration. Kerry looked so out of place with her expensive dress and her sophisticated face cleared by her uptight long ponytail. In the end he had to jerk himself off in the bathroom.James and Dana entered Zara's office and took a seat. Also in the room was Bethany, Rat and a small red shirt boy. " ok now that everyone's here lets get down to business. We have two agents on a mission that was classed as low risk, it has recently become very dangerous. I know this is short notice but it's urgent. The committee has already approved of it. Here's the rough briefing."Zara handed everyone a folder.  ************************************Briefing for the eyes of the approved CHERUB agentsIn 1993 a maximum security mental hospital was shut down after too many reports of sexual abuse and corruption. The land was sold cheaply to David Clayton who started a religious school that is now one of the top schools in the UK.Suspicion was raised after a group of bad performing students switched to the new school and boosted their scores.CHERUB agents Lauren Adams(James's younger sister) and Jake Parker( Bethany's younger brother) were sent undercover to unearth any schemes that the school was running. The low risk mission was raised to very high risk when the agents found the interior of the school to be expensively fitted. The schools bank records show that they should not be having this much money and the question of where this money came from leads to dangerous possibilities.Your mission will be to meet up with the other two agents and find the root of where the money is coming from.As always you have the right to refuse the mission*********************************" so when do we go?" James asked with concern for his sister."You leave in 3 hours," Zara replied bluntly.***********************************************Lauren woke up with full memory of last nights events. She couldn't understand why she had slept with Jake. She didn't even like him physically or emotionally. However she couldn't deny that the sex felt amazing.Jake was in no way attractive and his stupid immaturity always got on her nerves. His inability to last a decent amount of time would have made great blackmail to keep him quiet however he had made her cum twice. There was even a kind of hatred between the two that would be made awkward by their night together.Lauren gently took Jakes sleeping arm off her and got out of bed. She sloped back into her crumpled clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. Her ponytail was a mess and she felt like locking herself in her room on campus and not coming out. However the mission came first and she was determined to see it through.When Jake woke up he found that Lauren had already dressed into her school uniform. She stood in front of the mirror spraying her hair with hairspray till it shined. Jake got out of bed and smirked as he walked behind Lauren. He wrapped his arms around Lauren and pressed his erection tight against her bum." wanna do what we did last night?" Whispered Jake.Lauren pushed Jake away and said furiously as tears poured down her face, " don't you ever do that! I don't want you ever talking about last night; it was a mistake and it will never happen again."Jake was shocked and heart broken. He said nothing as he watched Lauren adjusting her shirt to make her boobs look as big as possible. He went in for a shower and jerked off hoping his desire for Lauren would wear off. What ever bond between him and Lauren had been last night, was gone. ***********************************************Kerry knocked on James's door. There was no reply. She tried again and by the 4th time she was furious at James stubbornness. She looked so hot and there was no use wasting it so she decided to head to a local bowling ally. She had often hung out there with her friends and knew that there were some cute guys there that would love to get their hands on a hot girl.***********************************************James was forced to sit on a ..... Hour flight next to his arch enemy Bethany. He had hoped to sit next to Dana so he could talk to her about what happened in the bathroom. A fit blonde flight attendant passed James a packet of peanuts. James smiled at her and as she moved on down the isle." Your such a pig James. Do you have to eye hump every pretty girl you see?""Well there's no pretty girls sitting next to me to eye hump", said James cockily. "Oh please i can only imagine how many times you've fantasised about me. Don't tell me this huge chest of mine hasn't caught your attention James."" you wish," James teases with a lot less confidence in his voice.***********************************************Lauren's day at the new school was average. The boys had been separated from the girls and nothing suspicious happened in class. The only thing she found suspicious was that all the girls seemed to be fairly sexy. They didn't seem to interact with each other much which made making friends impossible. She would try starting up convocations but mostly she was given one word replies or ignoredJake on the other hand found making friends easy as all the boys in his class were happy and welcomed him eagerly. He could however feel that they were all keeping something from him. After a few classes Jake was called away from his friends by a man in an an expensive suit who led him out of class and down a few flights of stairsThe man began telling him about what an honour it was to be chosen to join this school and that education here had its benefits. This man too was keeping something from him. At the bottom of the stairs there was a corridor that led to a heavily reenforced door.  After a knock on the door a slot opened and after brief glances the door opened. The inside of the room was filled with machines that descended different types of powder. There were hundreds of young boys working the machines and 5 armed guards. The guards however weren't keeping the workers in check, their only purpose was to guard the door." now Jake im going to ask you to make a very important decision. Remember that you will not be hurt if you don't want to join us we will simply make you forget what you saw with a memory blur drug. We make drugs. We would like you to work for us."Jake knew it was essential he accepted for the purpose of the mission but he didn't want to sound suspiciously desperate. " if i do what's in it for me?"" ah im glad you asked. You know that connection you and your sister made last night? We can make it happen again."Jake was shocked but played it cool and acted like he didn't know what the man was talking about." what do you mean?" asked Jake innocently."Ok come into my office," said the man as he led Jake into a richly furnished office. He placed a CD into the DVD player and pointed to the flat screen. His breathing quickened as a thermal video of him and Lauren played. It started with Lauren on her bed. Her body temperature was unnaturally high. It showed her getting off her bed and getting into Jakes bed. Then jakes lower body heated up as he received the handjob. The rest of the video showed them having sex and afterwards Lauren's body temperature subsided to normal."How would you like to do that again? cause im sure she's disgusted with herself. Without our drugs she won't let you ever touch her again," Jake decision was made because of loyalty to the mission but now the thought of a drug making Lauren sleep with him again provided a second motive. " fine ill work for you."" great did i mention that you'll be payed handsomely and can also use the drug to sleep with any girl here that you want to."Jake smiled at the thought but also felt guilty that he would do the right thing for the wrong reason.***********************************************Comment anything you'd like in the next story and if i get good feedback I'll write more


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